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The following are the most common areas of practice which cover the most common projects we deal with whether that be through planning applications, appeals, lawful uses or enforcment issues

Residential Development
Our projects range from minor development such as householder extensions, barn or other conversions, replacement dwellings and general alterations, right through to minor (less than 10 units) and major residential schemes (above 10 units). We would be happy to advise on the likliehood of permission prior to commencing work and have a wide range of experience and success within this type of development. Applications can be submitted in outline and for full planning permission. We can also assist in promoting land as part of long term and strategic development.
Commercial Development
This area includes new build industrial warehousing, offices and industrial units on new and established commerical sites including urban and rural contexts. This also includes conversion of existing buildings to commerical uses as well the change of use of shops and other commercial properties to a variety of uses subject to the client's requirements. Examples of this can include pub and institutional conversions and redevelopment. We can also deal with waste and waste recyling applications. We use a proactive approach to securing commerical permsision in order to press home the economic benefits of our client's schemes.
Rural Development 

We have significant experience in this field including barn conversions, conversions of other buildings to a variety of uses, new build commercial uses and equestrian and agricultural development. This includes sand schools, stable complex schemes, agricultural buildings and dwellings and other development which supports the economies and communities of rural areas. This can also include change of use of vacant pubs or institutions which require reuse in a sensitive manner.

Heritage Development
We have a specialism and interest in applications affecting listed buildings, conservation areas and other buildings of interest. This includes the alteration or adaption of historic buildings for existing or new uses, development within the context of historic buildings and development which will secure the long term viable use for the building/s. Our approach involves the careful assessment of the historic character of the site and ensuring the scheme retains this character as part of the final development.
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